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Role description: Club Librarian

Current holder: Susi Lang -> mailto:ttc [period] librarian [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website

What the job achieves for the Club (results)

  • Ensures that the club Library is replenished with current books relevant to the outdoors.
  • Provides a resource for members.
  • Maintains the TTC Library catalogue

Suitable skills and experience for the job

An interest in the outdoors and information relevant to this. Able to organise the resources. Information management skills handy Library skills useful but not essential.

What the job involves (tasks)

  • Checking through NZNB yearly - list of possible acquisitions.
  • Check library and made indicative notes on proposed books.
  • Check TTC Library does not already have a copy or a copy from book donations.
  • Liaise with the General Committee throught the GC liaison
  • List sent with comments and recommendations to General Committee
  • Select books for purchase up to $150 worth as this was the limit set by General committee per year. Order from FMC where possible
  • Read (skim) new books and write brief notes about them, or other library material, for the Tararua Tramper.
  • Annually update plan and budget
  • Maintain the library presence on the website
  • Mention new books, and other material at clubnight

Special timelines/dates

  • provide a brief report to the monthyl General Committee if there is anything to report, or if assistance is sought
  • Maintain and annual budget and five year plan for the library

Special equipment needed

  • internet access

Legal requirements


Authorities (financial and other)

(What the office holder has permission or authority to do without asking General Committee)

  • To spent the annual book allocation. Seek approval for additional purchases where required.
  • Additional funding can be requested from bequests.

Things that need approval from General Committee

  • Spending above budget approval

GC Coordinator liaison

The GC Coordinator for this position:

  • Liases with Librarian regularly and report to GC any issues
  • Ensures that books are being purchased
  • Seeks approval for expenditure above budget.



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