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Governance Role Hall Booking Officer

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Role description: Hall Booking/Liaison Officer

Current holder: Owen Watson -> mailto:ttc [period] clubrooms [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on 027 429 6695

What does your role accomplish for the club?

  • manages the renting of the clubrooms and carparks including drawing up contracts, ensure any problems with tenants are resolved, monies collected and passed to the Treasurer
  • be the contact with the cleaner for times of cleaning and her contract.

Suitable skills and experience for the job

  • this role needs a person who has good liaison and organization skills.

Scope of the Task

The club rents the clubrooms to a number of permanent tenants and also adhoc tenants
  • keeping a diary or calendar of clubroom usage, this includes the main hall, the meeting area downstairs and for TTC committees and groups the library.
  • on request let TTC committees know when the library is available for use (GC, Tramper packing, Clubrooms Committee, Huts & Tracks, bushcraft, alpine instruction all use the library, mainly before clubnight. Bushcraft and Alpine Instruction also use the hall during their training sessions)
  • respond promptly to telephone & website queries for club rentals.
  • ensure the rentals are within the times of allowable rental as stated by the WCC. Also they keep within the set codes as stated by the Clubrooms Committee. The main emphasis here is that the hall is in a residential zone and therefore we need to be mindful that our tenants do not unreasonable disturb the peace of our neighbours i.e. we are good neighbours. (see appendix).
  • ensure that there is enough changeover time between consecutive tenants.
  • draw up contracts and invoices with prospective long and short term tenants.
  • issue keys to prospective tenants. (The Clubrooms Chair will deal with giving you enough keys and cutting more if required).
  • send a copy of the contract and invoice to the Treasurer so she has an audit trail of what money to expect and help her if there is any overdue rents.
  • request from the Treasurer a copy of rents receivables to do periodic audits.
  • ensure keys are returned after rental. Tenant will not get their key deposit returned if not. Liaise with Treasurer when key is returned.
  • resolve any issues the tenants may have. If you cannot resolve this yourself escalate to the Clubrooms Committee or Chair.
  • rent out the two carparks in the front of the clubrooms on a long term lease.
  • from time to time appraise market rentals to see how our rentals fit in the overall Wellington rental market.
  • with discussions with the Clubrooms Committee determine any increase in overall rental charged.
  • keep a register of keys issued.
  • ensure the information regarding rentals on the TTC website is current.
  • draw up a contract with the cleaner and liaise with her according to the availability of the clubrooms when on a weekly basis it is a convenient time to clean the clubroom.
  • let other tenants know of other tenant activity that could affect them e.g. letting other permanent tenants know when Kidzstuff are using the hall.
  • train up a backup person to do the job when you are unavailable so there is no impact to service.
  • other activities may need to be included with discussion with Clubrooms Committee or chair.
  • to update the Job description as the function changes.

Authorities (financial and other)

  • to rent the clubrooms to suitable tenants and all activities associated with this

Things that need approval from General Committee

  • none, the job is carried out without needing any permission from General Committee.

Hall Booking liaison

The Hall Booking officer:
  • is the main liaison between the tenants and the club
  • liaise with the Treasurer on financial matters regarding rents
  • liaise with the Clubrooms Committee keeping them aware of any issues that may arise.
  • liaise with the Webmaster for any changes regarding renting the clubroom on the TTC website
Role description

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