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Role description: Clubroom’s Convenor

Current Holder: Pete Smith
Booking Officer: Owen Watson -> mailto:ttc [period] clubrooms [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on 027 429 6695

What does your role accomplish for the club?

  • Overall management of the clubrooms including capital works, maintenance and financial management

What are the main task the clubrooms committee does?

  • prepare a five year rolling budget of the work program for the clubrooms, with maintenance kept to within an annual average of 1.5% of capital value.
  • carry out maintenance and repairs where necessary in a timely manner or liaise with certified tradesmen to carry out this work.
  • for major work(where expenditure is several thousand dollars) eg painting of clubrooms, re-roof - prepare a works specification and get various quotes before selecting tradesmen.
  • maintain furniture and fittings for the clubroom.
  • schedule Work Parties where necessary and ensure necessary equipment and materials are on hand for such.
  • verify accounts before payment.
  • manage the renting of the clubrooms and carparks, ensure any problems with tenants are resolved, monies collected and passed to the Treasurer
  • liaise with the cleaner, setting timing of work done and rates of pay.
  • manage the key register for the clubrooms

Learning about what the job involved?

  • involved in clubroom work parties and became more involved when on General Committee
  • took on the job of finding out why the clubrooms insurance costs were skyrocketing and mechanisms to reduce that – which involved strengthening the sub-frame to prevent earthquake damage.

What skills and experience are needed for this role?

  • good home handyman skills
  • commitment to complete repairs urgently when required
  • good communication skills

Relationship with the General Committee

What help, information and resources would you like the General Committee to provide to the role?
  • financial – timely approval of the budget
  • quarterly report on income and expenses
  • if there is a level of expenditure that needs GC approval then it needs to be stated. There is nothing at present. If this is provided in the budget, there needs to be a process where this information is passed from Finance Committee to GC for GC to approve. It should not be up to the convener to have to resubmit.
What information do you provide to the General Committee? How often?
  • used to provide monthly updates, but from the review, I feel that this is operational and therefore not required and where necessary I should inform the club through the Tramper. In the past I used to bounce ideas off GC when I was unsure, but again probably will not continue to do that.
  • if GC wish to have anything provided at GC meetings they need to specify the parameter of what they want reported.
When do you have to ask General Committee for permission to do something?
  • major alterations to the clubrooms. Anything outside my brief as convener. When it is not budgeted.
What can you do without seeking permission from the General Committee?
  • anything within brief or budget. eg paint clubrooms any colour
Does your role have any legal requirements (ie any actions required by law)?
  • any building changes have to met the statuary building code requirements
  • any renting out has to ensure that the renters do not make excessive noise to the neighbourhood and that we are good neighbours
  • while there is no detailed noise restrictions recorded, the Tenancy Agreement states that the hall should not be used in a noisy, noxious or offensive manner that could create annoyance to local residents. In this regard the purpose of use for rental is monitored.
Do you have a budget?
  • $10,000

Job Satisfaction

What do you enjoy about the job?
  • a small committee with no politics. I take pride in the work I do and believe I can provide a service to the club.
What, if anything, would you like improved?
  • to have a timetable to when budgets are approved and be informed as such.
  • in the past I have had to delay maintenance on the clubrooms for a whole year waiting to know whether the Clubrooms budget was approved. This is most frustrating. Now I carry on regardless and never know whether the budget has been amended approved or whatever. So I really do not know what value preparing a budget is the Clubroom’s committee.

Any other comments?

  • Maintenance Records of when work is done and other pertinent information is kept in a folder , presently at the convener’s house.
  • The only Asset Schedule kept is only for insurance purposes.
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