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Governance Role Almoner

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Role description: Almoner

Membership liaison with incapacitated or ill members, bereavements, preserves social history

What the job achieves for the Club (results):

  • Ensures that the club maintains contact with club members who are no longer able to fully participate in club activities because of age or illness
  • Acknowledges serious illness or bereavement among club members
  • Preserves a social history of club members.

Suitable skills and experience for the job:

  • An good knowledge of and an interest in club members and their activities within club
  • Able to deal sensitively with illness and bereavement
  • Able to encourage the recording of lives of club members and their role within the club

What the job involves (tasks):

  • Inform the president of illness or death amongst club members and assist the president with any arrangements to contact the club member or the club members family etc
  • Assist with functions for senior and life members of club
  • Assist with relevant events to ensure that elderly or infirm club members participate to the best of their ability
  • Encouraging club members to compile a history of participation in the club of deceased clubs members.
  • Represent the club at functions, or services as required

Special timelines/dates

Special equipment needed

Legal requirements

Authorities (financial and other):

(What the office holder has permission or authority to do without asking General Committee)

  • up to $50 for flowers or similar for the family of a deceased club member

Things that need approval from General Committee:

  • spending above budget approval

Coordinator liaison

  • Membership

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