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Privacy Policy

TTC’s privacy policy was approved at the March 2021 General Committee meeting.

Tararua Tramping Club’s Privacy Policy sets out how the club collects, handles, and uses personal information. It complies with the Privacy Act 2020 and the privacy principles.

Use of member information

The Tararua Tramping Club collects only the information it needs from club members.

Club member's supply the club with information, on the membership application form, to enable the club to operate and provide membership services. This information is used solely for this purpose and no other.

On the membership form members can authorise the club to share limited information with other club members.

Members who lead trips and other activities provide their name, and limited contact details, for example telephone number or email address, for publication, i.e. on the printed fixture card, printed in the Tararua Tramper, and website fixture card.

Club members acting on the club's behalf have access to the club's email lists, twitter account, and facebook site for administrative purposes.

Membership of TTC includes membership of Federated Mountain Clubs, TTC does not provide FMC with any club member details.

Provision of information about members

The club is sometimes approached by non-members, or previous-members, who wish to make contact with a club member, or find out if a person is a club member.

New Zealand's privacy principles apply to all of us, and notably to club officers, and those who act on behalf of the club. While there are 12 privacy principles, there are four to be aware of, including Principle eleven specifically.

Principle 8 Accuracy, Principle 9 Retention, Principle 10 Use, and Principle 11 Disclosure, place restrictions on how people and organisations can use or disclose personal information. These include ensuring information is accurate and up-to-date, and that it isn't improperly disclosed. Limits are placed on disclosure of personal information (principle eleven).

An agency that holds personal information shall not disclose the information to a person or body or agency unless the agency believes, on reasonable grounds - (and seven grounds are listed).

Specifically the club and its officers should not provide contact information in answer to queries. Instead, should the club have contact information requested, the club should forward the contact request to the target of the request and allow then to respond, or not, to the request.

Retention of information

The law requires us to keep financial membership records for seven years. The club maintains a record of membership (name and years of membership), but securely disposes of other membership form information after ? years.

Club activities

Members and non-members who participate in club activities may be required to provide their name and contact details, and in some cases contact information for a family member or friend to the trip leader.

Club activities are generally public. Participation in these activities may result in participants appearing in photographs, which may include metadata such as location, date and time, and also being identified in trip reports that are published in the Tararua Tramper and on the website.

Trip leader's names, contact phone, and optionally email address, are published in the club's fixture card, which is available on the club's website.

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