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Governance Personal safety, identity, security, and privacy

The Webteam is approached from time to time on issues of securing your identity, privacy, security, safety, and spam.

Please use the following advice to improve your privacy and security practices.

Secure your device

  • never share your account or login with anyone, ever
    • if you are sharing a computer, create a separate account for every user, and a separate admin account
  • always lock your device
    • on a mobile device ensure you have a pin, swipe, or biometric password turned on
    • use automatic lock, e.g. after a timeout
  • never, ever, give user accounts administrator privileges
    • create a separate admin account with administrator privileges, using its login when escalated privileges are required, e.g. to install software
  • install and configure remote locking and tracing software
  • mobile device security check

Secure your email

Your main email account is the key to your identity, and probably many of your assets.

Maintain your device

  • keep the operating system up to date, enable automatic updates
  • keep all software up to date, where possible enable automatic updates or checking for updates
  • use anti-virus software, e.g. the following are free for personal use
  • always ensure the firewall is on

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