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Feedback on the new logo options

I prefer option 1 as it refers to the actual Tararua Edelweiss. Option 1 shows the distinctive stem and leaf pattern. However, I would like to see just one flower not two to keep it simple. Also I think the writing should be centred with 1919 written on the bottom part of the circle.

Colleen Davey.

I prefer option 2a, easy to use in most formats and visually very simple.

Chris Munn

I like the ideas and imagery. I prefer option 2 with 4 following a close second. I also like the ribbon effect which might be appropriate on certain occasions, but not as our "base" logo.

Cheers, Alistair Betts

I think they are all a big improvement on the present logo. Well done GC. My preference is for the first style in option 5. The stylised outline of mountains has a stronger association with the mountain range from which we take the name. The introduction of the new squigly line offers potential for future variations - the club name written in a hut logbook with a squigly line above it could become iconic. My inclination is to move away from a lapel badge style of logo.

Cheers, Neil Challands

All the options are great. However, I prefer option 1 (either of the green styles). It is modern, but has the advantage of a greater association with the past - the old logo which has identified the Club for a long time.

Bruce Popplewell

Nice work! I prefer option 1, the second of the 'green' options; then the second 'blue' one. Close enough to the traditional one but a good fresh look!

Kerry Popplewell.

These are pretty neat. I especially like option 2 and suggest its lower ring could include 'Est.1919'. I also agree with Neil Challands re: option 5b and the cool squiggle.

Dave Grainger

I like 2a because the flowers are edelweise and the colour-way is distinctive and clear.


I prefer option 4a (followed by option 2a) for its contemporary and fresh look

Angela Stobo

These are all very impressive. I like the roundel style with the solid colour outer circle. I do like the traditional Edelweiss[1], so overall my preference is for 1a, but I also think 2a is good, and I like 5b perhaps without the flower. Can we find a use for more than one of these?

Simon D

I agree that our logos should always include the club name. I therefore would favour option 1a for use on publictions, letterhead etc. I feel the existing lapel badge is still useful, modified as need be for 50 year and life members. Also an appropriate sized cloth version of it would make a good pack or clothing badge. Option 5b would certainly make a good hut book sticker. If we wish to move away from the club colours of dark green and silver grey my preference would be for the Earthy Delight colour palette. I'm not sure that the existing representation of the edelweiss is botanically incorrect, however that could easily be checked with someone like Chris Horne.

Alan Wright

    I agree that the logo should portray the North Island Edelweiss (Leucogenes leontopodium) as that, not some other species, is our emblem. I also agree that the logo should include our name so it can be used in situations where the Club identity would not be clear if our emblem were used on its own. The emblem alone is fine in other situations (e.g. our home web page, the cover of the Club Rules) where it appears together with our name (respectively alongside and below “Tararua Tramping Club” in those examples).
    I prefer the more realistic images of option 1 to the stylised images of options 2/3/4 and prefer the designs (1c & 1d) with a transparent background for the text (i.e. the background for that is the colour of the paper, page etc). That is simpler, makes the words clearer, avoids the use of an additional shade, and, perhaps by optical illusion, the emblem appears larger for a given diameter. I note that the surrounding white circle (further out from the text ) of 1a and 1b is only visible if the colour of the media is not white – thus looking at the options paper I had completely missed the feature and saw it only on looking at the webpage.
    I very much prefer the use of green over blue and would like to see how the green used in 1c (“Moss” ?) compares with “maintaining the current colour palette” (as options paper offers).
    The words are not centred about the vertical axis. That is presumably deliberate, but, as far as I could see, it is unexplained and looks odd. I would prefer symmetry, and believe symmetry is generally considered more attractive. If asymmetry is to be used to provide some subtle meaning, I'd prefer to see the it showing TTC heading up the hill/mountain/challenge, or whatever the top of the circle may be taken to represent, rather than descending or returning from it – suggesting the TTC is “over the hill” is not a good image!.
    Adding a ribbon or similar would be a good idea as a temporary measure during our centenary year.
    Using a “vector illustration for scalability and clarity” is good for the source. Some media will inevitably need it to be converted to some other format (e.g. jpeg) , but the later that conversion is left in the process the better.


TTC’s emblem is the North Island edelweiss flower. It is a very appropriate symbol because it

  • Is an internationally recognised species – eg in the European Alps.
  • In New Zealand there are two species of edelweiss. The larger North Island one, our symbol, flowering throughout the Tararuas tops in profusion in late January (eg Wellington Anniversary Day). It also occurs in the Ruahines, possibly Tongariro Nat Pk and the Kawekas & Kaimanawas. I wonder how many club members have seen it growing in the wild?
  • The South Island species occurs above the bushline in the South Island, but is not as common. It is also half to one third the size of the North Is Edelweiss
  • As the first tramping club (1919), and first North Island mountaineering club, the TTC founders chose a very appropriate club emblem in the North Island edelweiss.

Representing the edelweiss as TTC’s symbol: We are an outdoor club that aspires to frequent the tops and mountains. I believe the badge/.symbol should look like the real flower. Companies that stylise their logos are selling an image. TTC, as an outdoor club should be selling the reality of the outdoors, a recognisable emblem. Our logo should reflect the reality of the flower that is our Club’s symbol, and we should be proud of it.

Hence my choice of a new emblem is the series 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d. The remainder, though possibly a nice style, look more like cape gooseberries than an edelweiss. It loses the image of the edelweiss flower, too and is dominated by the leaves, which don’t look anything like North Island edelweiss leaves.

My choice of colour would be blue – the sky, or river on a clear sunny day. What we aspire to. Though as green is one of the club’s colours, probably that should be chosen. I would like to see more gold in the edelweiss flower too.

Hugh Barr

I strongly prefer palette option 2, as I feel the other palette looks too fake, and not sufficiently earthy. I like option 1c, as it retains an actual edelweis, and not some sort of stylised version.


I prefer option 1c (although the green looks a bit odd on my screen) as I prefer the realistic style of flower drawing and identify green as a TTC colour.


I am definitely warming to the more stylised and therefore more modern designs. Definite preference to 5b and then 4a. It seems people are preferring the ones in the earlier number range, in which case I just wish to say that I prefer the green colour to the blues as I feel the green colour has a strong association with the Club.


Thanks for a great selection of designs and colours to choose from. For the Club's purposes I prefer 1a and 1c. The logo should be our emblem, the North Island Edelweiss. I like the realistic style of the flower drawings and think we should keep with green (at least until after the 100th celebrations) because of its long association with the Club. In most cases the logo should include our name and possibly 1919 (as a hint towards the 100th). When used in situations where our name already occurs, for example things like letterhead, Club Rules, the tickets printed for the 90th dinner etc the emblem alone seems more appropriate. I prefer the writing centred, like a crooked picture frame I'd be wanting to straighten it!

Jenny Lewis

I prefer option 1, as options 2 - 4 are really too stylised (the flower looks almost tropical and

John F

5a Option 5a Outtakes 5b Option 5b Outtakes 5c Option 5c Outtakes

Earthly delightOption 1 Earthly Delight colour palette Raw earth Option 2 Raw Earth colour palette

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