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New Club Logo Options

Club members gave their views on the options for a new club logo over two months in 2010. Feedback was via forms at the clubrooms or via the web site. Interestingly, both avenues of feedback came up with the same result. Members clearly liked the realistic eidelweiss and green. This made matters quite straightforward for the General Committee who have agreed on Option 1 colours and Option 1c logo.

Download the Logo options paper (3,483KB)

Logo and branding created by "Logo Creative", designer Vicki Shanahan.

The Brief

To create a modern style logo based on the current Edelweiss logo

Things to consider:

  • Current logo is nameless and botanically incorrect
  • Sticker style is preferred
  • Non-fussy and easy to reproduce
  • Simple and clean preferably stylized and modern
  • Colours palette based on flower and current club colours

The logo should reflect the values of the brand:

  • Integrity
  • Heritage
  • High standard within the tramping/mountaineering community
  • Forward looking
  • Action and adventure
  • Engaging and fun

Suggested colour palette

Palette option 1 official

Earthly Delight colour palette

Option 1 Earthly Delight colour palette

Palette option 2

Raw Earth colour palette

Option 2 Raw Earth colour palette

Logo - option 1

Revitalisation of the current logo

  • The Edelweiss flower logo has been re-designed to give the current identity a contemporary and fresh look and feel while maintaining the integrity of the TCC brand
  • The Edelweiss flower has been translated to a vector illustration for scalability and clarity
  • Bold and fresh sticker style logo.

1aOption 1a Revitalisation of current logo 1bOption 1b Revitalisation of current logo 1c officialOption 1c Revitalisation of current logo official 1dOption 1d Revitalisation of current logo

Logo - option 2

Stylised Edelweiss flower stamp logo

  • This modernised logo design is one step away from option 1. The semistylised treatment of the Edelweiss flower is framed inside a bold and fresh ‘sticker style’ circle. The drop shadow gives the logo depth, while the colour palette suggests realistic ‘natural & raw earth’ colour tones found in the earth and sea
  • x2 colour variations available.

2aOption 2a Stylised Edelweiss flower stamp logo 2bOption 2b Stylised Edelweiss flower stamp logo

Logo - option 3

Stylised ribbon logo

  • This formal ribbon style proudly promotes and suggests the long heritage of the Tararua Tramping Club
  • The semi-stylised monotone Edelweiss flower is simplistic and confident.
  • The natural & raw earth colour tones represent earth and sea, while the drop shadow gives the logo depth.
  • x2 colour options available.

3aOption 3 Stylised ribbon logo 3bOption 3 Stylised ribbon logo

Logo - option 4

Highly stylised Edelweiss flower circle logo

  • This logo is highly stylised and minimal. The clean and contemporary aesthetic is bold and confident and sits on the opposite end of the scale from option 1
  • Natural & Raw Earth colour tones represent the earth and sea
  • x2 colour options
  • x1 black & white example for photocopy reproduction.

4aOption 4 Highly stylised Edelweiss flower circle logo 4bOption 4 Highly stylised Edelweiss flower circle logo 4cOption 4 Highly stylised Edelweiss flower circle logo

Logo - option 5

Outtakes 5aOption 5a Outtakes 5bOption 5b Outtakes 5cOption 5c Outtakes

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