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Clubrooms Updates

2017 February 17

Work on the clubrooms has got into full swing after the Christmas/ New Year break.
In the hall the lower ply dado has been put in. The autex that was applied to the upper walls was found to have different tints of the same colour. Autex have accepted that the colour differences is their fault and the existing autex has been removed from the walls waiting for replacement, but there is a lead time while the product is manufactured. The ceilings have now also been completed.

Work on the disability toilet in the foyer has started in earnest. To date we have had pre-line and post-line inspection and so now are ready for gibbing and plastering and fit out.

The concrete from the new deck to the hall fire exit has been poured; the handrail posts from the fire exit have had to be modified as the next door’s sewer pipe was found to be in our property directly under where the posts were going.

The painters have put up scaffolding at the back of the hall and along the north side. As well as painting the woodwork, the roof is being primed for any rust and is also being painted.

The new stainless steel bench for the kitchen has been measured and will be delivered in a couple of weeks. Once that has been installed work on adjusting the cupboards can begin.

We have had a video taken of our drain and apart from a little sludge they are in good condition. Work is on target to complete the upgrade towards the end of March, and then there will need to be a big push with the help of club members to reinstate the library and archive room and relocate honours board, TTC edelweiss shields, skis etc. back into the hall so the hall can be ready for our first tenants and ourselves from the beginning of April.

Eva Durrant has volunteered to take over the clubrooms hall bookings from Alan Wright so we thank her for offering and will try and make the transition as easy as possible. With new storage areas, tenants will have different locations to store their gear, but we will be working with the new tenants.

I suggested to General Committee that there should be an official opening for our new clubrooms and asked them to organise it. This has been arranged for Saturday 8th April. So watch this space.

Peter Smith (Clubrooms Chair)
2017-01-17 08.24.02 DSC_7686 - .jpeg: 1024x1536, 1297k (2017 Feb 18 23:26)
2017-02-09 09.08.37 DSC_7692 - .jpeg: 1024x683, 592k (2017 Feb 18 23:26)
2017-02-09 09.09.16 DSC_7694 - .jpeg: 1024x683, 508k (2017 Feb 18 23:26)
2017-02-14 08.49.19 DSC_7704 - .jpeg: 1024x1536, 1088k (2017 Feb 18 23:26)

2017 January 10

The walls of the clubrooms have been gibstopped ready for the ply on the lower dado and upper autex to be applied. The ceiling has been inspected for borer which wasn't too bad and at present bad wood in the ceiling joists and cross members are being replaced before being gibbed.

Next week preparation will start on building the disability toilet. On a different note the AA - Tramping Club sign at the bottom of Moncrieff St which was covered in graffiti and then mysteriously removed is being replaced by the council.

Peter Smith (Clubrooms Chair)
2017-01-09 09.49.18 DSC_7667.jpeg: 1024x682, 575k (2017 Jan 11 11:42)
2017-01-09 09.49.42 DSC_7668.jpeg: 1024x683, 598k (2017 Jan 11 11:42)
2017-01-09 09.50.16 DSC_7670.jpeg: 1024x683, 565k (2017 Jan 11 11:42)
2017-01-09 09.50.44 DSC_7672.jpeg: 1024x1536, 998k (2017 Jan 11 11:42)
2017-01-09 09.51.34 DSC_7675.jpeg: 1024x1536, 1164k (2017 Jan 11 11:42)
2017-01-09 09.56.53 DSC_7677.jpeg: 1024x683, 667k (2017 Jan 11 11:42)

2016 December 20

Work on the clubrooms progresses at a rapid rate. After the hall was handed over to the builders on Monday 12th Dec, the pinex walls and ceiling linings were removed as can be seen it the pictures. It is interesting to be able to look to the front foyer from the stairs from the kitchen to the library – the projection screen has been removed to allow for strengthening of the back wall. Extra brackets and bracing of the walls have been completed.

The new switch board was installed as well as the extra electrical cables. The concrete path was re-laid from the emergency exit on the south wall to the back of the gearroom, although the garden looks in a rather devastated state with lumps of concrete and torn down trees. We will need to get some top soil and some elbow grease to restore the garden after we get the clubrooms back.

On Monday 19th Paul Thompson put the wiring in place ready for the implementation of the new PA systems. The clubroom walls are in good condition and fairly free from borer. The walls are being insulated at the moment and plyboard strengthening is being put up on the back east wall. Gib braceline is also being put up and will be plastered this week. Work on the ceiling will begin In the New Year.

Peter Smith (Clubrooms Chair)
2016-12-19 07.39.48 Peter Smith DSC_7625 TTC.jpeg: 800x533, 421k (2016 Dec 20 05:44)
Photo: Pete Smith
2016-12-19 07.40.04 Peter Smith DSC_7626 TTC.jpeg: 800x547, 429k (2016 Dec 20 05:44)
Photo: Pete Smith
2016-12-19 07.46.27 Peter Smith DSC_7629 TTC.jpeg: 800x527, 443k (2016 Dec 20 05:44)
Photo: Pete Smith
2016-12-19 07.56.01 DSC_7633 TTC Peter Smith.jpeg: 800x1200, 849k (2016 Dec 20 05:44)
Photo: Pete Smith
2016-12-19 07.59.12 DSC_7635 TTC Peter Smith.jpeg: 800x1200, 916k (2016 Dec 20 05:44)
Photo: Pete Smith
2016-12-19 08.04.42 Peter Smith DSC_7638 TTC.jpeg: 800x1200, 639k (2016 Dec 20 05:43)
Photo: Pete Smith
Alan Knowles AJK_2016-12-15_9994222.jpeg: 711x473, 338k (2016 Dec 20 05:43)
Photo: Alan Knowles
Alan Knowles AJK_2016-12-15_9994231.jpeg: 711x473, 322k (2016 Dec 20 05:44)
Photo: Alan Knowles
Alan Knowles AJK_2016-12-15_9994235.jpeg: 711x473, 280k (2016 Dec 20 05:44)
Photo: Alan Knowles
Alan KnowlesAJK_2016-12-15_9994241.jpeg: 711x473, 378k (2016 Dec 20 05:44)
Photo: Alan Knowles

2016 December 12

It has been a very busy month for the clubrooms committee. Most of the earlier part of the month has been trying to keep extra costs down and stop the contingency costs rising. We had to spend extra costs on floor levelling as the basement floor was in a pretty bad state, putting in a new switchboard and get Peryer to cut down all the existing cupboards to fit the reduced height due to a lower ceiling for fire regulations.

The funding for the archive shelving by Infinity Foundation was unsuccessful. So it was certainly great to hear that Alan Knowles (AJ) had secured a $300,000 Lottery Grant. I must applaud AJ for all his diligent work in ensuring that the application ticked all the boxes especially the community component facility, which certainly helped our cause. This ensures that we have achieved our financial target of financing the upgrade with grants and the money approved by the Michael Taylor Bequest Advisory Committee.

Paul Thompson of Presounds is to upgrade the PA sound system. The controls will be at the back of the hall so as not to interrupt the speaker’s presentation. The clubrooms have been alarmed and the front lock barrel has been removed to prevent club members with keys accidentally coming into the clubrooms and setting off the alarm. The downstairs locks have been changed to enable all to egress in the event of a fire. I have a key to the downstairs door; the old keys will not work.

Peryer have completed the first stage of the work on time and the downstairs basement area was given over to us on Saturday 10th December after it was checked over by Don Jamieson, the architect and Pete Smith. Peryer wanted the hall, kitchen and library cleared out so they could start gutting the hall on the Monday 12th December. The finish result in the basement looks very good with a much more usable and functional area.

On Friday 9th December, Alan Wright, AJ, Peter Barber and Pete Smith spent 6 hours at the clubroom dismantling all the gear from the walls.

2016-12-09 DSC_7566 resized.jpeg: 1920x1280, 1389k (2016 Dec 14 03:52)
Cleared walls
Photo by Pete Smith
2016-12-09 DSC_7567 resized.jpeg: 1920x1280, 1350k (2016 Dec 14 03:52)
Cleared walls
Photo by Pete Smith
2016-12-09 DSC_7568 resized.jpeg: 1920x2880, 3036k (2016 Dec 14 03:53)
Off with the artefacts
Photo by Pete Smith
2016-12-09 DSC_7571 resized.jpeg: 1920x1280, 1944k (2016 Dec 14 03:53)
The removed artefacts
Photo by Pete Smith
2016-12-09 DSC_7575 resized.jpeg: 1920x2880, 2831k (2016 Dec 14 03:53)
Down with the data projector
Photo by Pete Smith
2016-12-09 DSC_7581 resized.jpeg: 1920x2880, 2997k (2016 Dec 14 03:53)
Photo by Pete Smith
2016-12-09 DSC_7582 resized.jpeg: 1920x2880, 3259k (2016 Dec 14 03:53)
Photo by Pete Smith
2016-12-09 DSC_7586 resized.jpeg: 1920x1280, 1320k (2016 Dec 14 03:53)
Photo by Pete Smith
2016-12-09 DSC_7587 resized.jpeg: 1920x2880, 3194k (2016 Dec 14 03:53)
Photo by Pete Smith
2016-12-14 15.56.26 IMG_4266 TTC.jpeg: 1632x1224, 1113k (2016 Dec 15 05:51)
Photo by Don Jamieson

On the Saturday the Clubrooms Committee (Alan Wright & Pete Smith) came in the morning and after the inspection started moving all the chairs downstairs, then moved the rest of the wall coverings to the basement area. Peter Barber came in and helped. Tom White organised the dismantling of the library to the basement as the Clubrooms committee just had too much work on to achieve everything in the time frame available. Peter Whitehead, a club member, and a conservator for the Alexander Turnbull Library came in and looked at the logistics of where to store the books in the downstairs cupboards. Cathy Wylie also helped. All three worked steadily away clearing ¾ of the library. Alan Wright set aside all the Social Committee gear to be moved to the Quakers for the February & March meetings and Alan & Peter cleared the kitchen. Culling of gear was not possible due to the timeframe constraints.

On the Sunday Tom, Peter, Patrick, Peter Whitehead and his partner Anna and Pete Smith spent 2 hours packing up the rest of the books and dismantling what we could of the bookshelves and de-littering the library. Several people had sore back lifting boxes of books and other heavy objects to the basement. So it has been a great effort in achieving all this and my thanks to everyone who helped. We now look forward to seeing progress on the hall

Peter Smith (Clubrooms Chair)

2016 November 11

AJK_2016-10-18_9994130.jpeg: 5212x3468, 4355k (2016 Nov 17 08:02)
Photo: Alan Knowles

Well the work on the clubrooms has started. The toilets and walls around the small committee room have been dismantled. The downstairs cupboards have been temporarily relocated into the hall. Portaloos have been put in place outside and fire exit signs relocated. Access to the clubrooms is now through the south side of the lobby entrance which is where is it is going to stay. The clubrooms committee has had its first progress meeting with the architect and the builders.

It has been a busy time for the clubrooms committee who have spent over 100 hours during the last month preparing the clubrooms for the builders to start work.

On September 10 under the supervision of Elizabeth Charlton’s, the archivist, all the clubroom archive material was relocated to Paul Maxim's secure lock up.

The builders then asked us to trim back all the vegetation around the clubrooms before they started work on tanking (waterproofing) the below ground level of the basement. It was too late to organise a clubrooms work party so on October 1 the committee cut back all the vegetation, shifted the Renga Renga plants, and took the green waste to the tip.

On October 8 after the final Kidzstuff performance and clearance of their gear, it was time to clean out all the excess rubbish left in the basement and relocate to the tip and finally clean the basement ready for the builders.

As well as helping clearing up, thanks go to Alan Wright for working with all the tenants to remove their gear, even though one had lost their keys; and Alan Knowles for selling the safe and map drawers. Alan got $270 for the safe although the new owners paid nearly three times that to have the safe moved to the new location. Alan Knowles has sent an application to the Infinity Foundation for assistance with the new archives room shelving. This is in addition to applications to the Lotteries Commission and the Lion Foundation. We will know the outcome of the applications in December. Pub Charity has already paid for the climbing anchors.

Peter Smith (Clubrooms Chair)

2016 October 02

On Monday 10th October work will begin on the basement area of the clubrooms by our builders Peryer Construction. The hall, kitchen, library and gear room will continue to be available to members, but the small committee room, storage cupboards, basement storage and toilets will not be accessible. Temporary toilets will be provided outside the front of the clubrooms.
In respect to our Health & Safety commitment during the construction phase, it is imperative that nobody accesses the construction area during this time.
Work on the hall and upper level begins on the 12 Dec 2016.

Peter Smith

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