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Tararua Tramping Club

Governance Annual General Meeting

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The club rules state that:

35. The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the thirty-first day of August in each Year on a day to be determined by the Committee.
22. Election of officers shall take place at the Annual General Meeting and in the following order:
(i) President;
(ii) Vice-President;
(iii) Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Guide;
(iv) the other five members of the Committee provided for in Rule 15;
(v) Tramping Organiser and Auditor.
Any candidates not elected in the ballot for President shall with their consent be included in ballot (ii) or (iv).
Any candidates not elected in the ballot for Vice-President shall with their consent be included in ballot (iv).

Annual General Meeting documents

2017 98th AGM Minutes Δ 98th Annual Report & Accounts
2016 97th AGM Minutes 97th Annual Report & Accounts
2015 96th AGM Minutes 96th Annual Report & Accounts
2014 95th AGM Notice 95th AGM Minutes 95th Annual Report & Accounts
2013 94th AGM Notice 94th AGM Minutes 94th Annual Report & Accounts
2012 93rd AGM minutes 93rd Annual Report & Accounts
2011 92nd AGM Notice 92nd AGM minutes 92nd Annual Report & Accounts
2010 91st AGM Notice 91st AGM minutes 91st Annual Report & Accounts
2009 90th AGM Minutes 90th Annual Report & Accounts
2008 89th AGM Minutes
2007 88th AGM Minutes
2006 87th AGM Minutes
2005 86th AGM Minutes
2004 85th AGM Minutes
2003   84th AGM Minutes

Club rules

Club rules

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