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Photos from Marg Pearce's Wednesday walkers Beach Clean-up August 11th

Booty.jpg: 563x1000, 763k (2015 Aug 13 00:00)
DavidsTeam.jpg: 1000x739, 875k (2015 Aug 13 00:00)
David's Team
HuntingThroughTheDriftwood.jpg: 1000x753, 949k (2015 Aug 13 00:00)
Hunting through the driftwood
MargsTeam.jpg: 1000x750, 991k (2015 Aug 13 00:00)
Marg's Team

Thanks so much to everyone for the incredible work done yesterday. It is hard work, and carrying bags back to the start point is not easy. I’m attaching a pic of the group at Whitireia Park (some had left early, so it’s not everyone) and a pic that David sent me from the coastal strip south of the sewerage plant – I understand that you all carried two big bags and that Franz actually carried four – amazing!! Thank you, thank you. - Marg Pearce

I told Marg - We had 13 people, I gave them all two bags, some asked for an extra, some brought extras, and we also filled a bucket, a fish crate, and carried larger loose stuff. I reckon it was equivalent to at least 35 PCC bags, mostly overfilled. Barbara told me her easy group did well, filling bags quite easily, but some of their rubbish was not very pleasant. They are all keen to do it again next year too. - Cheers, DO

DoC Conservation Partnerships

On March 17th we enjoyed a presentation from Reg Kemper and Amy Brasch of DoC. Reg is the Director of Conservation Partnerships for the Lower North Island, and Amy is a Partnership Ranger. They put a compelling case for the Department of Conservation's need of allies in the struggle to preserve our wild places, flora and fauna. Among online resources that they mentioned is Naturespace(approve sites)

The days of DoC having the financial resources to enable them to ask us to stand back while they did the necessary are history. If this makes you wonder where your tax dollar is going, here's a graph from a few years ago. The Department of Conservation is probably part of that pallid Other sector, along with public patronage of the the Arts Sector, Treaty of Waitangi settlements, and scientific R&D, to name but a few.

DoC has a certain amount of money to throw at problems, and now the idea is that rather than paying workers to do things while we wait, they can get more done by encouraging volunteers, us in effect. Googling conservation partnerships reveals that this concept is popular in the US. Well, one might guess that a lot of public funding there goes to support struggling regimes in the Middle East.

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