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Conservation Friends Of Baring Head 2013

Friends of Baring Head

Location and history

Baring Head is situated on the southern headland of Wellington Harbour - a 15 minute drive along the Coast Rd from Wainuiomata. Its recent purchase saved it from being carved up by developers and it is now part of the East Harbour Regional Park. It links with the Baring Head lighthouse reserve, which is one of the few lighthouses to still have its surrounding buildings in situ.

The Wainuiomata river flows through the area, and steep escarpments take walkers down to Fitzroy Bay to the west or a gentler walk over to the southern beach. Stock are gradually being removed off the area and there are a number of exciting conservation projects happening at Baring Head:

  • Monitoring of predators (stoats, ferrets, rats, hedgehogs etc)
  • Release of lizards
  • Restoration of the historic pumpshed
  • Restoration of the lighthouse buildings
  • Tree planting

Friends of Baring Head was formed to help Greater Wellington Regional Council to run the area. The vision is to return this area to a place of natural beauty and protect the native plant species which house a range of threatened species such as lizards and ground weta. Later we want to have a picnic area, with toilets for visitors.

BaringHeadWorkingBee.jpg: 980x1306, 679k (2016 May 15 07:00)
Last year's Baring Head working bee
WorkingColleenPlanting.jpg: 725x973, 554k (2016 May 15 07:00)
Colleen Davey at work
WorkingGreat day to work.jpg: 1306x980, 503k (2016 May 15 07:00)
A great day to work
WorkingLittleHelpers.jpg: 980x1306, 783k (2016 May 15 07:01)
Younger members of the group
WorkingMoreLittleHelpers.jpg: 980x1306, 692k (2016 May 15 07:00)
A great family activity

Baring Head Planting Days were held on 22 and 23 June 2013

Around 1200 seedlings were planted by volunteers.

A successful working bee was held at Baring Head on 23 March 2013

Around 20 people attended and one group worked on clearing out the Pump house and uncovered the concrete floor, and painted the outside. A second group tried to revive the severely dehydrated trees which had been planted late last year, by watering and mulching using oxygen weed out of the river. Wind covers around each plan were replaced. A third group picked up rubbish along the southern beach.

The 2012 TTC Gigantic Auction raised $823.90, which was donated to Friends of Baring Head.


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