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Finding Hope in Climate Change

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are higher than they have been in 800,000 years External link , and scientists warn that, when it comes to climate change, we are nearing “the point of no return.”

But while Simon Nicholson believes false optimism is dangerous, he also thinks there is room for hope.

While Earth naturally goes through warmer and cooler phases, the planet’s temperature has been steadily rising, and the majority of scientists agree: humans are the cause. Use of fossil fuels has rapidly escalated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and there is a strong correlation between higher concentrations of GHG in the atmosphere and Earth’s increasing temperatures.

“Am I optimistic?” asked Nicholson, director of the Global Environmental Politics program at American University’s School of International Service and co-executive director of the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment. “No, I’m not optimistic about too much.”

But, he said, along with climate mitigation External link (switching to renewable energy sources, opting for more fuel-efficient vehicles, using less electricity in homes, reducing deforestation, and composting), climate engineering could help us tackle the abundance of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

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Thin Ice Climate is link to the website of the movie of the same name - convincing scientific research for climate change denyers. It is a thorough and eloquent account of climate scientists' research into, and understanding of, the mechanics and likely scenarios of climate change.


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