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Bushcraft Risk Analysis And Management System

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Unfit student struggles on trip Tiredness, slowness, injury, other group members getting cold etc, group splitting Try to ascertain fitness levels prior to trip

Modify the trip

  • Manage the trip speed to prevent exhaustion
  • Have adequate rest and food stops
  • Lighten the load being carried
  • If the group splits for good reason have way points for re-assembly
Student has inadequate gear Could cause trip to be altered or abandoned Ensure student has a gear list

Discuss options if students doesn't have some gear

Wet weather Student gets wet and cold, gear gets wet Ensure student has a good raincoat and that all

gear is packed into waterproof bags

  • Ensure student has dry clothes for the end of the day
Cold weather Student gets cold Ensure student takes clothing for cold weather

Observe students and stop for them to put on more clothing

  • Encourage students to eat more and if necessary stop for a hot drink
River crossing training Student gets wet and cold Remove from instruction and get onto dry, warm clothes
Student is swept away Downstream catcher in place
Firelighting and cooker training Burns Emphasise safety and have adequate first aid to hand
Navigation exercise Student gets lost Ensure exercise is not too difficult

Check all students are back by designated time

  • Send out search parties
Camping under flies Student gets wet and cold as does their gear Have up to date weather forecast and change plans to tenting if weather risky
Injury including sunburn, stings etc Student's performance is impaired or health at risk Carry group first aid kit

Ensure students have their own personal first aid including sunscreen, antihistamines

Fit group goes off track They get lost Ensure proposed off track route is known to Bush 2 co-ordinator

Alert contact co-ordinator that a group is late and arrange for the emergency contacts to be informed after 6.00 pm

  • Ascertain if PLB has been activated
  • If not assume they are ok
  • Some instructors could return to find them

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