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Bushcraft Ninas First Aid Kit

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Nina Sawicki's First Aid - local NZ Trips: small group

Think of weight (adds to all the hardware) and think of multiple uses. - Appoint a medical leader to identify any specific issues: anaphylaxis asthma allergies etc.

What are the common problems?
- Blisters
- Sunburn
- Cuts + scratches + abrasions on hands and digits and face
- Headaches
- Gastrointestinal upset (vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea, constipation) - Insomnia
- Herpes labialis

Instruments to take:
- Splinter Probe
- Gloves
- Scissors (knife)
- Sewing Needle
- Safety Pins
- Thermometer
- Syringe (irrigation)

- Non-sedating anti-histamines
- Short supply prednisone (also for Acute MS)
- Steroid cream..??
- Adrenaline (Epi pen)

Topical Antibiotics
- Good for short term skin breaks +abrasions + drying of nares (nostril openings)
- Consider conjunctivitis if Contact Lens wearer
- Foban + Fucithalmic + Chlorsig
- Anti fungal Cream for Athletes feet (Micreme)
- Watch secondary infection
- Protect Lips

Mental Health
- Psychological
- Fatigue
- Leadership
- Tough trip/climb
- Panic Attack
- Psychosis

Dressings and Wound Care
- Cotton Buds (foreign body removal, eye and wound)
- Sterile Non-stick Dressings
- Steristrips - Fixomill
- Adhesive Tape (Multiple Uses)
- Betadine (comes as wipes)

- oral rarely indicated in NZ for diarrhoea
- Women ? Treatment of acute urinary infection
- Wound infections and infected blisters most likely (ask GP for script)

Useful Medications To Consider
- Zofran wafer (sub-lingual) for nausea
- Immodium for diarrhoea
- Losec for reflux/indigestion
- Oral rehydration Sachets e.g. Enerlyte

- Beware side-effects above 2500m
- Panadol + NSAIDS best
- Combination Nuromol or Maxigesic
- Codeine can give sedation + constipation
- If medic on board, get some Tr*m*d*l

Other points to consider
- What's relevant for the group..?
- Face Mask
- Survival blanket (replace yearly)
- Acute mountain sickness (altitude sickness), take Prednisone or Diamox
- Check kit before each trip!!!


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