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Bushcraft Bush 2

This page is part of the Bushcraft organisation information.

Bush 2: overnight trip instructors checklist

Read the Leader notes.

The trip gives the students a taste of hill work and going over a slip. Observe the groups and give feedback to Leaders of Lecture 3 and Bush 3 as to the fitness and capability of the students.

  • may need to regroup students if necessary.
  • re-assess fitness levels of all students
  • ensure safety plans are in place

Pre trip

  • attend lecture 2 and lead or assist with the planning for Bush 2
  • contact instructors and assistants to confirm availability
  • ensure that any instructor or assistant not attending Lecture 2 has transport for Bush 2
  • write up RAMS
  • distribute leader tramping guide to instructors and assistants
  • think about additional gear to bring to cover gaps eg extra tent, cooker, billies, and extra food
  • pack trowels for toilet holes
  • contact Camp Kaitoke to confirm and organise payment - email -> mailto:campkaitoke [snail] ymca [period] org [period] nz 04 526 7338, 04 526 7338
  • allocate talks/instruction to leaders/assistants (organise in advance which instructor and assistant instructor will cover which activity)
  • leader to organise payment as donation for leaving cars parked. Contact and provide bank account number, so money can be deposited via internet banking.

Peter Barber -> mailto:ttc [period] bushcraft [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on 027 750 5443 to confirm the amount once number of cars known.

On trip

Take list of students and contact information

Park cars at Camp Kaitoke (directions).

Camp in clearing above Smiths Creek shelter.

Saturday afternoon

Rotate the groups through the following activities:

  • map and compass orienteering. Students will have maps issued from Lecture 2 and will have their own compass.
  • firelighting
  • Camping: pitching tents and flys
  • Stoves
  • flora and fauna (if someone available)
  • first aid
  • route finding

Sunday morning

River crossing:

  • try different methods
  • try different numbers of people eg pairs,threes,fours
  • try harder places that you normally wouldn't cross

Sunday afternoon

  • walk out via Marchant Ridge via a different route
  • go off track for fitter groups
  • less able/slower groups go back via track.

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