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Tararua Tramping Club

Celebrating 100 years of tramping

Administration Colours


The website uses the club colours from the Club Logo and Colours

Leaf#b6d731182 215 049Leaf       
Sky#00b3f7000 179 247Sky       
Sand#afb3b5175 179 181Sand       
Moss#6b842f107 132 047Moss       
River#408cae064 140 174River       
Rock#6d7174109 113 116Rock       

The main website uses Leaf as the background colour. Tararua Footprints uses Sky as the background colour.

The masthead colour is River. The Tararua Footprints masthead colour is Moss. Headings use a range of colours. Text colour is Rock.

Earthly Delight colour palette

Earthly Delight colour palette

Raw Earth colour palette

Option 2 Raw Earth colour palette

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