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Te Whakatakanga o te Ngārahu o te ahi a Tamatea, Hanmer Springs, Club Meet, 2023

13-26 March: Fortnight of Monday 13 to Sunday 26 March 2023
Leaders: Cathy Wylie, Carol Kelly, Peggy Munn, and Amie Claridge -> mailto:ttc [period] expedition [period] leaders [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz

Explore the amazing Hanmer Forest Park, Lake Sumner Forest Park, St James Conservation Area, and Lewis Pass with other club members.

The accommodation is the base for running a variety of day and multi-day trips with trip grades EM, M, MF, F, and Alpine and Cycling.

Joining the Meet

Please indicate your interest in joining the club meet.

  • by filling in the online registration form,
  • or contacting Cathy Wylie -> mailto:ttc [period] expedition [period] leaders [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz, Carol Kelly -> mailto:ttc [period] expedition [period] leaders [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz, Amie Claridge -> mailto:ttc [period] expedition [period] leaders [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz, or Peggy Munn -> mailto:ttc [period] expedition [period] leaders [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz

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Trip Fixture Card

Please see the separate Hanmer Trip Information page for the wide range of trip opportunities.


Accommodation has been reserved at the Bell Bird Lodge, Alpine Adventure Holiday Park, Hanmer Springs. There is also the option for members to book separate cabins if they are a light sleeper or get concerned about disturbing other sleepers. If you wish to have a separate cabin, you need to arange this yourself including payment. Those in cabins etc will need to pay a small surcharge to help with lodge costs as everyone will be making use of the excellent facilities.

The lodge can accommodate 40 people in 5 bunkrooms. People need to bring their own sleeping bags or sheets & duvet, a pillowslip and towel. Pillows are provided.

There is a fully equipped kitchen with two fridges and a standing freezer. A gas BBQ is also available. The camp has a laundry ($4 tokens) and a drying room. Toilets and showers are in a separate block. A wireless hot spot can be purchased.

The camp has a swimming pool, a games room and has bikes for hire.

To keep the meet organisation and costings straightforward, the lodge accommodation cost is based on two main groups. Group 1: 7 nights, group 2: for the full 2 weeks of 13 nights.

If you are on an overnight trip you still pay for the nights away, ensuring a secured bunk if the weather did not cooperate.

We are responsible for cleaning the lodge. A duty roster will help keep the lodges tidy and clean, so please all lend a hand.


Breakfast and lunches are BYO. Supplies can be easily purchased in the town. There are plenty of options for evening meals either down in the town or self catering at the lodge. Please store your provisions in the kitchen in a named box and name all food kept in the fridges and freezer.

We would like on occasion to have a group dinner either at a local cafe or at the lodge but will organise this once we know when people will be arriving or leaving.

There is a range of options for eating out. There is also a supermarket and cafés.

Those intending to do overnight trips need to bring their own meals for those trips.

Please bring

Bring your usual tramping gear including towel, toiletries and earplugs. For overnight/multi day people - please bring a cooker, billies, and washing up stuff if you have them, and especially a gas canister. Actual trip gear will be organised as the trips take place.


The club van is travelling down on the first Monday and returning on the last Sunday.

If you are travelling down by car and have a spare seat please use the email list to let people know. If you can help out, it would be appreciated, but we understand that many people will be in the South Island for longer than two weeks.

Transport will be arranged to meet those arriving at the start of week 1 or week 2.


Please check, clean, and dry all your gear when moving between waterways to prevent the spread of didymo and other freshwater pests.

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