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Tararua Tramping Club

TTC Wednesday Walks

Wednesday walks in AugustGradeLeaderContact
02West Wind, MakaraEDiana Barnes479 2947
 Days Bay, Exclosure Track, up GollansEMMichele Dickson972 2350
 Brooklyn and the hills beyondMPaul Bruce972 8699
 Waiorongomai waterfallMFFranz Hubmann567 2162
09Baring Head beach clean-upAllHelen Beaglehole977 1843
16Whitireia ParkRJanet King938 6446
 Orongorongo trackESyd Edwards970 5882
 Lowry Bay loop, with ups and downsMCarolyn Jenkins566 8054
 Norbert, Phillips Stream, MarchantMFBob Stephens475 8655
 Stellin Park loopEMargaret Emerson, Tony Vial499 2158
 Titi, MaunganuiEMLynne Pomare934 1187
 Above the western Wellington fringeMPeter Reimann938 9602
 Whakanui, McKerrow loopMFJanette Roberts027 269 1222
30Whitby walkaboutEPip Hart-Smith384 1208
 Cone in the snowMBill Wheeler479 5666
 Off-track Kapakapanui Hut, PukeatuaMFTricia French021 181 4739

Wednesday walks

If you are free mid-week please join us on our Wednesday walks. These range from shorter rambles over gentle terrain through to medium graded trips in the Wellington region. For further enquiries, come along to our Tuesday night club meetings or contact David Ogilvie -> mailto:ttc-wednesday [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query%20from%20TTC%20website on (04) 479 3035.

The R, BBB, E, and EM Wednesday trips are run by Margaret Foden and Michele Dickson.

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Walks and strolls

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