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Tararua Tramping Club

TTC Wednesday Walks

Wednesday walks in OctoberGradeLeaderContact
04Gums loop, WainuiomataRKath Satory976 0531
 Western Mangone (trip swap)EMDiane Head04 902 2501
 Waiotauru circuitMDave Reynolds934 6120
 Te Araroa, 657, MakahikaSFDavid Ogilvie479 3035
 Spicer ForestELois Hope479 3863
 Eastbourne, Butterfly Creek, Days BayMJim Gibbons568 9223
 Angle KnobSFLynne White384 5238
18East Harbour Regional ParkBBBJenny Lewis472 9228
 Rimutaka Rail Trail, Goat Rock-Stn DrEMDavid Campbell527 3752
 Mangaone, Pukeatua (swapped with Sept 6)MMarg Pearce234 8191
 Bull MoundFTony Black473 2269
25Kaitoke areaEDavid Campbell527 3752
 Kotumu loop, from the seaMRobin Chesterfield233 8314
 Cone Saddle, Tutuwai, Mt ReevesMFAnne Opie06 304 7916

Wednesday walks

If you are free mid-week please join us on our Wednesday walks. These range from shorter rambles over gentle terrain through to medium graded trips in the Wellington region. For further enquiries, come along to our Tuesday night club meetings or contact David Ogilvie -> mailto:ttc-wednesday [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query%20from%20TTC%20website on (04) 479 3035.

The R, BBB, E, and EM Wednesday trips are run by Margaret Foden and Michele Dickson.

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