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TTC Introduction to Ski Touring Course (ISC)

Enrolment for TTC ISC 2017 is open. Please contact Henry Dengate-Thrush -> mailto:ttc-ski-instruction [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query%20from%20TTC%20website with any enquiries.

This course provides a general introduction to ski touring in off piste conditions.

This course is open to club members who wish to:

  • Extend their skiing skills to backcountry, off piste conditions.
  • Learn the fundamental skills needed to complete an easy grade ski tour in New Zealand's backcountry.

This year our course syllabus covers the following topics:

  1. Ski touring clothing, gear and equipment
  2. Skiing with a mentor to gain confidence skiing off the groomed slopes
  3. Tactical strategies to deal with difficult terrain and snow conditions
  4. Technique of skinning and transition to skiing and/or crampons
  5. Navigation, terrain assessment, and route planning


This year’s Intruduction to Ski Touring is comprised of one weekend of instruction at Mt Ruapehu in September 2017 preceded by a talk / meeting at the clubrooms in Wellington.

There will also be a trip following on from the course later in September to continue to practice the skills learned on the course.

All instruction is supervised with a ratio of one instructor to three participants.

Please read the info sheet for cost and other course details.

Schedule for TTC ISC 2018

Introductory Talk - clubrooms Tues August 29
Instruction Weekend - Ruapehu TTC Lodge Sept 2-3 (travel on Friday)
Follow up trip - TBC Sept 9-10 (travel on Friday)
  • Talks are held at Tararua clubrooms, Moncrieff St, Mt Vic.
  • Ruapehu weekends are based at the Tararua Lodge and leave Wellington Railway Station 5.30pm the day before the weekend.
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